Tubing For Mullet

Smile you git……

Fishing off the beach in Spain is frowned upon during the bathing season as is fishing in harbours. You can quite easily get your collar felt for indulging. However, float tubes allow you to fish away from the grief and it’s quite easy (in areas where the tide is minimal as it is in Cala Galdana, Menorca) to tempt the mullet with a static fly. The warm water makes them a lot easier to catch than in the UK. White flies work best, either weighted or unweighted. They go like a train and should you wish to eat one you’ve caught in the sea, I’d heartily recommend it. My Spanish friends think it’s hilarious. I am “El pato, rey de los lisos.” Quite why they choose to call a mullet “smooth” is beyond me…….They won’t eat it either although IMHO, it’s as good as Sea Bass (Lubina) anyday. Easy to fillet, hardly any pin bones…..bit of salt and onion in a bowl for a few hours and then shallow fried in a bit of flour. Served up with capsicum and potato fritters and a spot of Menorcan cheese. Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!

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